12th International Pragmatics Conference


12th International Pragmatics Conference, 3-8 July 2011

The final deadline for submission of abstracts for panel contributions,
lectures, and posters,was 29 October 2010. This date has caused some
confusion, as some remembered ´the end of October´ as the final deadline.
Therefore we are extending the deadline to 31 October 2010 (midnight,
Belgian time, which is GMT + 1).

Do not wait until the last hours.

Remember that if you are not an IPrA member or your membership lapsed, you
must first apply for or renew your membership.

For membership application, go to http://ipra.ua.ac.be, click ‘Membership
application’, and let the system guide you through all necessary steps.
You will receive a confirmation, with your password.

For renewal, also go to http://ipra.ua.ac.be and click ‘Membership
renewal’; you only need your user name (identical to the email address you
used when becoming a member or last updating your profile), and you will
be issued a new password to enable you to submit your abstract.

Submitting your abstract requires both user name and password to log in.
Go to http://ipra.ua.ac.be and click, consecutively, CONFERENCES > 12th
Conference > Contribute. Note that ‘Contribute’ will NOT appear unless you
are logged in.

In case of technical problems, consult ‘Help’ first (at
http://ipra.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=*HOME&n=1309&ct=1182). If none of the
hints help you out, and only then, contact Ann Verhaert
(ann.verhaert@ua.ac.be); keep in mind that due to numerous last-minute
questions, and only one person handling them, not everything can be
responded to immediately.

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